“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” –Ira Glass

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We use the power of strategic storytelling to inspire and connect people.

Strategic storytelling is telling stories for a purpose and delivering them effectively.

Whether you’re a business owner seeking ways to inspire and engage your employees or an individual looking to leave your legacy for your family, we’ll help you tell your stories.



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Employee Stories – Connect In Relationships
Company Legacy Story – Connect To Mission
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These are some of our service offerings. Custom storytelling solutions are available to help you reach your unique goals.

“Great companies inspire their employees to reach for their full potential and tie their stories to the story of the company. Nothing is more powerful than a person’s story connected to an even greater story.”

– Rachael Jackson

The Individual Story

Your life story — your legacy — can reach the generations behind you for years to come. We’ll help you create treasured memoirs for you to pass down and leave a legacy of impact and inspiration.

Empower & Engage Employees

Employee engagement is the level of an employee’s commitment for your organization and the willingness to go above and beyond a job description. It’s an issue that perpetually plagues employers. About 71 percent of employees are not fully engaged. And while 21 percent are actively disengaged, probably beyond reach, half of your employees are ready to be engaged.

So, how can you help the 50 percent who are ready? You must inspire them! But how? Storytelling is a key component. We help you strategically tell the stories of your company, your community impact and your employees to connect your people to your vision and mission, to each other and to their communities. 

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