What are the factors that make a place great to work at?

Advance The Strong Performers: Look for ways to identify who your top performers are intentionally and regularly. Salesforce, ranked #1 on Great Places to Work, consistently looks for strong performers who haven’t been promoted in 18 months and encourages them in how to find new challenges at the company.

More Than Employees:

The great companies treat their employees more like family or internal customers. Not the kind of family that runs over you and steals your stuff, but the kind of family who value each other, take care of each other, inspire each other and work together to achieve something great.

Strong Leadership:

  • Be ethical and moral in your business practices. How you treat your employees, vendors, shareholders and customers matters. People look at you. They see what you do. And your actions speak louder than words.

Having Friends At Work:

Give Back To The Community:

  • Pay your employees, if you can, to volunteer in the community.

Equality and Diversity:

Your companies are most likely to succeed when you have representation from all walks of life.

Employee Representation In Key Leader Decision-Making:



You can have the best intentions, amazing incentives, great programs, inspiring initiatives and highest-quality leadership money can buy and still fail to be a great workplace.

You need to be able to streamline your communication from the top down and from the bottom up. Your vision, your mission, your goals, your strategies, your metrics and your success—all are important to clearly communicate to keep everyone heading in the right direction while encouraging innovation and out-of-the-box thinking that will keep you ahead of your competition.

Communication is key. You need to communicate to your employees in a consistent and compelling manner. Your employee sees an average of 5,000 pieces of content per day. They are bombarded by information through social media, TV, radio/music, email and life in general. Finding a way to help keep your employees on the same page is critical to success. That’s where we come in. We are master communicators helping to connect you to your employees and your employees to your company in inspiring ways.