When I was in the Army, there was a saying that we had—”Mission First, Soldiers Always.”

You must always be about accomplishing your mission, but to do that, take care of your troops.

Same applies to the business world. You have a mission to accomplish. If you want to accomplish that mission, you’ll need to inspire your employees to want to help you to the best of their ability.

In the Army, soldiers quite literally give their all to the mission. But why do they do it? Are they thinking about their country when they jump on a grenade?

No. They’re thinking about their buddies next to them. They’re thinking about the LT or the Platoon Sergeant who’s taken such great care of them and their family. They’re reacting out of love and dedication and a sense of higher purpose. Not because they signed on the dotted line…

Same applies to business. People will give their all to your company because they’re surrounded by people they like and respect. They’ll give their all because they feel cared for by their leaders. They’ll give their all because they believe that they’re a part of something bigger than just themselves when they join your company. A contract doesn’t guarantee their performance. Their heart has to be in it.